Thursday, November 2, 2017

7 Street Food You Should Try in Taipei

Taipei's street food scene is one of the must-do whenever you come to Taiwan. Street food are everywhere where night market exist - Ximen, Roahe and Shilin Night Market. The list are my favorites and I tried so far.

Monday, August 21, 2017

"Re-experiencing" Penang

Penang International Airport

"Re-experiencing" was the word that described my recent trip to Penang, Malaysia. The place was very close to my heart. I am fond with its culture, people and food. I returned to Penang, Malaysia last April to experience again the food and sights.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Exploring Mythical Siquijor

Have you ever fascinated about something mystical?

They say that Siquijor Island is a mystical islands in the Philippines. But having its title as mystical, it makes the island so attractive to tourist and explorers like me. 

I went to Siquijor Island for a day-trip with some of my friends. 

The nearest airport from Siquijor is Dumaguete Domestic Airport. an approximately 1.5 hours away from Manila. From the airport, ride a tricycle to port of Dumaguete and get a ticket for an hour ride to the Mystical Island of Siquijor.

I love white sand beaches! That is why from the moment I step upon the island I was mesmerize by the white sand beach that greets you at the port.

The Beach welcomes you to Siquijor

The island has a lot to offer from waterfalls, beaches, old architecture and adventure!